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Why Marketing Coaching?

As a business leader you may be really busy, simply running your operation, with little time to step back to even review your Marketing activity, let alone plan it?

Working with an Independent Marketing Coach allows you to maximise your personal and business performance in a style that suits your other commitments. Mark specialises in Digital Marketing, from mobile and social media through to video and website marketing. As you discover the power of your own marketing plans, you also benefit from Mark’s fresh digital marketing insights and best practice.

Mark’s aim is to empower you and your team, to run your own Digital Marketing activity, control your costs and reap the rewards.

“With obvious expertise and bags of enthusiasm, Mark will bring confidence and sparkle to your company’s marketing mix.” Judy Rees, Founder, X-Ray Listening

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We’ve all got them in our pockets and they’re becoming more central to our lives, what would we do without our mobiles?

The dramatic increase in smartphones, predicted to be over 30 million in 2013, has placed ‘mobile’ firmly in the centre of our shopping, browsing, communicating and socialising world.

Connecting with your customers through their mobiles puts your brand into their pockets, every day of the week!

Whether you’re thinking that your business “needs an app” or you’re just considering how to go mobile, I can probably help you or put you in touch with the right person, as I’m working right now with some of the most innovative brands in the sector (see case studies)

If you’d like to have a chat about connecting with your customers through mobile then please get in touch.

“I have worked with Mark for a number of years. His insight, market knowledge and structured approach to delivering top-class mobile content are second to none.” Christian Harris CEO Gorillabox

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Helping Finnish companies to grow in the UK

If you’re a Finnish company wanting to break into the UK market, or already here and needing to boost your business performance, then we can help you.

After several years of helping Finnish companies to grow, we’ve learnt some smart shortcuts to success.

Our UK team helps Finnish companies to ‘go local and grow’ quickly by supporting them in the following areas: –

  • Marketing strategy and digital planning
  • Business and Partner development
  • Team coaching and capability

Click here if you’d like to grow in the UK

“I had the pleasure to work with Mark when we were preparing our offering for the UK market, particularly from the point of view of different marketing touch points. Mark is a really good coach in digital marketing and he rapidly helped us to understand the key shortcomings of our digital marketing presence and our key pain points within our position in the UK market. It was really helpful to work together with Mark, as he also challenged us quite a bit. I would recommend Mark for any kind of marketing coaching work.” Lauri Eloranta, Managing Director UK www.futurice.com

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